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Terms and Conditions

By accepting this terms and conditions you hereby authorize M/s. Apya Capital Services Private Limited (“Fincity”) and/or it’s Business Partner/Business Affiliates to check your credit score with the help of Experian Credit Information Company of India Limited and TransUnion CIBIL Limited (“TUCL”) and/or any third parties with which the Fincity may in future enter into a definitive agreement to provide the credit score/report:

  1. That customer by accepting the terms and conditions have appointed Fincity as his/her authorized agent and Fincity has agreed to be my agent for checking my credit score being provided by Experian, wherein the credit is being provided by the terms under the agreement being entered amongst the Fincity and Experian. In this regard, I expressly provide my consent to the Fincity to get my credit score/report/information. I provide my unconditional consent to the Fincity to obtain the credit score and further represent that the terms of usage of the credit information/credit score being provided for my profile is already been agreed between me and Fincity. That customer by accepting this terms and conditions has authorized Fincity, to receive the credit score/report on a periodic basis at its discretion until such time, on my own in writing to Fincity to discontinue such requests.
  2. Customer authorize the Fincity to obtain my credit score/report/information by themselves or though its business partners/business affiliates, being such business partners/business affiliates appointed by Fincity. Customer also authorizes Fincity to share my details with any business partners/business affiliates. Futher, Fincity is also authorized to get/receive confidential credit and account information from credit reporting agencies/creditors or any third parties which are involved in the credit related to me. Customer also authorize and gives consent to the Fincity to receive any kinds of letters, communications from any creditors/credit reporting agencies and forward and use the same for my disbursal of amounts.
  3. Customer shall in any manner will not hold Fincity liable for any type of loss, damage, liability or claim of any kind being resulting from, arising out of, or in any manner related to: (a) delivery/disclosure of my Consumer Credit Information; (b) any type of use or disclosure by the Fincity of the contents, in whole or in part, of my Consumer Credit Information , whether authorized or not; (c) any breach of confidentiality or privacy in relation to delivery of my Consumer Credit Information to the Company; (d) for any other types of use made by the Company which is contrary to the Agreement entered into between the Company and credit score providing Companies. Customer further represent and acknowledge and accept that: (a) Fincity has not made any promises or representations to me in order to provide me the credit information/credit score; and (b) the disclosure of any of the terms and provisions of the Agreement that are confidential between Fincity and me.
  4. To avail the products and services from the Fincity, the customer hereby agrees to this terms and conditons to obtain his credit information/credit score for purchase of products/services. By accepting this terms and conditions, customer is providing the Fincity a onetime acceptance to check my credit information/credit score on periodic basis at its discretion, till my account is active. I am aware and accept that terms and conditions run till my account with the Fincity is active. Such deactivation shall be made by me on giving in written to the Fincity.
  5. The credit score is being provided to the customer by Fincity and in no manner shall Fincity shall be made liable for any discrepancies in the credit score being provided by such third party. The personal information i.e., Permanent Account Number and residential proof or any personal information shared by customer consensually being provided to Experian through Fincity are original and in no manner are forged. Customer shall not in any manner make the directors, employees of Fincity responsible or liable by for accepting this terms and conditions to provide the credit information/credit score to me with the help of Experian. Customer further agree to indemnify and hold the Fincity harmless against any losses of liabilities that may arise. Fincity in case of any disputes or in any other manner can assign its rights under this letter to any other third party without my consent.
  6. The terms and conditions and subject to change at anytime without intimating, these terms and conditions shall supersede earlier terms and conditions if made, any. The customer hereby expressly, understand and accept that the terms of this terms and conditions shall be governed as per the applicable laws of India and courts at Bengaluru shall have exclusive jurisdiction to try the disputes arising.