Senior UI/UX-Designer - Senior UI/UX-Designer

Bangalore/Bengaluru | Job ID: 387863

The Senior-UX/UI Designer will be responsible for overseeing all user experience and design aspects of the organization. UI/UX Designer works with the design and creative team to develop a cohesive experience throughout our platform in order to increase user satisfaction. Our ideal candidate is responsible for guiding the entirety of the design process through its completion by presenting them to stakeholders and working along developers to ensure accurate implementation.


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Partner with the developers to maintain a cohesive design and experience throughout our product, providing expertise and mentorship.
  2. Lead a small team of Designers. Support their UX/UI growth, raise the capacity, skills and quality of user-centered design on your team.
  3. Exercise your expertise in performance, architecture, and object-oriented design to deliver compelling customer experiences.
  4. Develop and lead the Design team to improve the range of research methods used.
  5. Provide and encourage feedback from your team and other designers.
  6. Create an Affinity Diagram at any time during the pre-design process.
  7. Apply User Flow and map out pathways an individual will take in a website or platform.
  8. Map Storyboards to show and display a users story.
  9. Successfully use and apply wireframes in order to interface concepts.
  10. Create prototypes to show and demonstrate interactions
  11. Conduct Usability Testing to validate design concepts.
  12. Regularly participate in design reviews.


Desired Skills/ Experience:

  1. 5+ year’s experience in UI/UX design.
  2. Ability to create clean, visually consistent designs.
  3. In-depth knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign, XD, Illustrator, and Microsoft Office; Experience with Sketch and Zeplin are a plus.
  4. Understanding and appreciation of standard user interface design concepts and processes.
  5. Meticulous attention to detail.
  6. Proven ability to manage multiple design requests in a timely fashion, with competing priorities and deadlines.
  7. Previous experience with user centered design principles and practices, web/mobile standards, typography and color, and web/mobile usability standards.
  8. Have contributed as a leader in design and a strong collaborator across product managers and engineers.
  9. Knowledgeable in creating wireframes, visual mockups graphics, user workflows.

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